NO. : wzh_011
Brand : W!ZH

1. 5200-2RS NSK bearings double-row angular contact ball bearing, reducing friction, vibration, and noise

2. Toe pegs feature Polyurethane with a solid feel

3. CNC-machined aluminium footpegs, half oblate spheroid shape will increase foot contact area and friction

4. Left and right side pegs with different side of screw

5. Stainless steel customized screw which is smooth and tight, size M10x1.25 

6. 3 adjusting positions, range between each hole is 1.5cm

7. Brake return spring may make you feel more responsive

8. Oil pressure switch

9. Brushed finish

10. Anodizing color choices: black, silver, gold

This product was made in Taiwan Company W!ZH

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