If there is any special request/permit for the Airsoft shipments, please make sure to provide all the information before placing the Order.
  • South Korearequests Orange-Tip / Muzzle Velocity below 0.2J / Not including the Original Flash Hider (must ship out separately)
  • United Statesrequests Orange-Tip / Trademarks covered / LAW SB199 [The US Customs has rejected many USPS packages for Airsoft guns and some parts recently, so please choose UPS for delivery services.]
  • Canada: Due to the current Airsoft Regulation situation, we are unable to ship out the Airsoft guns to Canada (also M4 series products).
  • United Kingdomrequests UKARA Permit.
  • Japanrequests the Muzzle Velocity below 0.98J / Full Metal Airsoft guns are not allowed.
  • Netherlandsrequests NABV Permit (for Airsoft guns and parts)
  • GermanyNo Markings are allowed on the products/needs "F in a pentagon" on the Airsoft guns.
  • Brazilrequests CPF number.
Additioinal fee: [Orange-tip $4.00USD for rifles / Orange-tip $2.50USD for pistols]
Please read the following carefully before placing the order:
  1. Buyers should be fully aware of their Local Laws before purchasing Airsoft products.
  2. AST is not responsible for any fees or Customs duties once the Airsoft products reach the destination country.
  3. AST is not responsible for any Airsoft products seized by the Customs or held at the port.
  4. Buyers need to bear the risk of returning the parcel to the Local Customs and no refund will be made.


Order Cancellation Policy Update

For the following conditions applied to order cancellations, consumers will be responsible for an 10% Paypal handling fee when initiating a refund.

1. Cancellation of orders without prior confirmation from our customer service.
2. Cancellations for personal reasons without our approval.

Please carefully consider it before placing an order.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at astonlinshop@gmail.com


Purchase Notice for [Out of Stock/Special Request Products]

If the Buyer purchases the "Out of Stock or any Special Request products", please note the following carefully:

  • Confirm the Product's name and number.
  • The Buyer must agree to a reasonable waiting period.​ (Including the time of Ordering/Processing/Shipping)
  • AST will charge 20% of the handling fee of the product if the Buyer wants to cancel or change the Order during the waiting period.



Airmail: Different delivery times in different countries!!!

  • The package is under 2kgs.
  • It takes about 10-15 business days for the delivery (not including the time in Customs Inspection and weekends).  
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreaks, the Post Office has reduced flights to most countries, so all the packages will be delayed delivery.
  • The United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Denmark, South Africa, the United Kingdom, South Kore, and some other countries have stopped providing Online Tracking Services. 
    If you need to check the update about your Airmail package, please contact us at astonlinshop@gmail.com, we will fill out the inquiry form for you and submit it to the Local Post Office.

EMS: Different delivery times in different countries!!!

  • The Package is over 2kg.
  • It takes about 5-7 business days for the delivery (not including the time in Customs Inspection).
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreaks, the Post Office has reduced flights to most countries, so all the packages will be delayed delivery.


<Mail Delivery Issue in Canada>

The International Mail Division in Taiwan notified:

The Canada Post Office's receiving and processing speed is very slow for all kinds of mail.
Usually, all kinds of mail will be received and processed by the Canada Post Office since they are mailed out from the sender in about 1~2 months.
The web information will not be updated because the delivery information has not been sent by the Post Office of the destination country.
Meanwhile, the Canada Post web is not a feature for all kinds of mail tracking.
Please understand that the packages will be delayed a bit longer than the usual schedule.

If there's any question, please feel free to e-mail AST customer services: astonlinshop@gmail.com
The return policy applies to any purchase made through AST (Airsoft Taiwan) and the website. 
We offer a 7 Days Return/Exchange Policy for factory defective items from the date of arrival at your shipping address.
The returned item from you must meet the requirements stated below:

You would have to cover the extra shipping costs and repair fees if your warranty has expired (more than 7 days from the date you receive the items) or if any of the following apply:

  • Evidence to prove the item is defective, dysfunctional, or damaged within 7 days.
  • All returns, for any reason, must be packed with instruction booklets and all other supplied accessories when it was first delivered to you.
  • Inappropriate use of the item
  • Disassembly and/or modification of the item.

We pay for the return shipping costs ONLY IF the return is a result of an error made by AST (Airsoft Taiwan).  

AST (Airsoft Taiwan) reserves the final right to determine the proper action in all circumstances.
These damaged or defective items must be returned to us securely packed.  
After we receive the returned item, certified Airsoft technicians will examine and test the defective item. The whole testing procedure will be recorded on video for your reference. 
If we find the defect described in your message, we will decide upon an appropriate action, including but not limited to the following:

  • Repair the items and return them to you 
  • Ship a new set of items to you
If the item is well-function and no defects are detected, we would send it right back to you and you would have to cover the shipping and additional examination fees of $20.00USD.  
It generally takes 3-4 weeks to process a return.  
We recommend you send your return via a reliable courier and we are not responsible for lost returns.​

Package returned by the customs:
When the package is well delivered but unfortunately returned by the customs, the consumers will get a refund of full amount of the products (not including the shipping cost) as long as all the products are checked in good condition.

If the products are not returned in good condition, refund amount will be judged by the extent of the damage.

Please contact us within 7 days from the date you receive the items for exchange.  
The exchanged item from you must meet the requirements stated below:
  • You are responsible for the shipping costs.
  • The item is 100 % in new condition (judged by AST (Airsoft Taiwan).
  • The customer pays for the difference.
  • Only parts will be accepted for exchange.  Complete Airsoft Rifles/Pistols are not exchangeable.​

Before you exchange your items, you must contact us.  Any returns sent without informing us will not be accepted.  
Please don't send items to us without our prior consent.  
Please include the following information when returning an item:

  • The Return / Exchange Form
  • A copy of your original invoice (inside the shipping box)​
  • Supporting pictures or videos to prove the item is 100% new.